4C Code Implementation

To sell coffee as 4C Compliant, producer groups, known as 4C Units, must implement the principles of the 4C Code of Conduct and attain an average score of yellow as confirmed by independent verification. The Step by Step Guide helps 4C Units navigate this process and understand the grading levels.

Implementing the principles of the 4C Code of Conduct is time consuming and requires changes in the way farmers and other business partners in the 4C Units work. 4C Units can receive external support to implement the principles and attain 4C Verification.

An agricultural extensionist trains farmers on the implementation of the 4C Code with the help of a manual developed by the Federación Nacional de Cafetaleros de Colombia (FNC), Colombia

Support network

The 4C Regional Offices are the first contact point for 4C Units. A team of Regional Managers clarify questions and provide advice on implementing the 4C Code of Conduct.

4C Units can also approach 4C staff members for provide individualized support and additional services. Staff members can arrange personal training on the 4C Code of Conduct or visit producers’ on-site to help them prepare for 4C Verification. These additional support services are not covered by the regular membership fees and carry an extra charge. If you are interested in personalized, tailor-made support, please contact the 4C Secretariat at: info(at)4c-coffeeassociation.org. The Secretariat will provide you with a quote that takes your specific needs into account.

If the 4C Association cannot provide certain support services, 4C Units will be referred to suitable external providers. The 4C Secretariat maintains a network of external implementers and can facilitate contact. 4C Units are responsible for the costs of these support services, but may find a partner or buyer willing to cover the costs. Email: info(at)4c-coffeeassociation.org

Access to information materials and tools

Members of the 4C Association enjoy free access to a growing number of resources and tools to help them comply with the 4C Code of Conduct. The Association manages an online tool library, which currently includes a collection of over 260 documents related to the 28 Principles and the 10 Unacceptable Practices of the 4C Code of Conduct.

The training material consists mostly of manuals, handbooks, useful brochures and booklets, posters and flyers, as well as key resources on the web. 4C Units have quick and easy access to the tool library through a personal login system. The 4C Tool Library is available through the section Members Only.

Additionally, the Association has developed training materials to support 4C Units on their path to sustainability. The Illustrated Guide includes full colour illustrations depicting each of the 28 Code Principles and 10 Unacceptable Practices . The Guide is currently available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese. Go to our resources center to browse through all of our training and information materials.