The 4C Association is a global community that works together to improve the economic, social and environmental conditions in coffee production and processing to build a thriving, sustainable sector for future generations.

The 4C Association is offering five key services to meet the needs of its members and advance sustainability in the mainstream coffee sector.

CafeControl verifier team interviewing a farmer during re-verification at Neumann Kaffee Gruppe Vietnam's 4C Unit. Ensuring the transparency and credibility of 4C verifications is one of the services of the 4C Association.

The 4C Association maintains the 4C Code of Conduct, a baseline sustainability standard for the production and trading of green coffee.

The 4C Association organized a Sustainability Forum in Arusha, Tanzania, in February 2011.

Core services

Core services include:

  • Defining and maintaining the 4C Code of Conduct as the baseline standard for sustainable coffee production and sourcing;
  • Defining and maintaining a Verification System to monitor continuous improvement of the 4C Units (producer groups);
  • Promoting and cooperating with other sustainability standards and initiatives in the market to stimulate supply and demand of verified and certified coffee;
  • Addressing the issues of coffee sustainability in a multi-stakeholder coffee platform;
  • Exploring how coffee farmers can become more resilient to climate change and contribute to its mitigation by working with development agencies and other partners.