The 4C Association is in conformity with anti-trust regulations

Fullfilling antitrust requirements is a basic but crucial requirement for the 4C Association. The 4C Code of Conduct was developped bearing in mind antitrust-concerns and the Federal Trade Comission of the United States of America has attested that 4C Association being in line with antitrust requirements.

On 4 April 2007, the US Bureau of Competition of the Federal Trade Commission informed the law firm contracted by the4C Association that at this point in time there were no concerns on anti-trust violation via the 4C Association and its concept in practice.

In its letter to the 4C Association, the Bureau of Competition states that it "has no present intention to recommend to the FTC that it challenges any stakeholder within its jurisdiction because of the stakeholders's agreement to the principles and terms of the Code.

For more information on FTC's role and procedures, please visit the out Federal Trade Commission.