Overview of the 4C Association

Our vision

The 4C Association aims to unite all relevant coffee stakeholders in working towards the improvement of the economic, social and environmental conditions of coffee production and processing to build a thriving, sustainable sector for generations to come.

Our mission

The 4C Association is the leading multi-stakeholder sustainable coffee platform, guiding the mainstream sector toward more sustainable production in a non-competitive arena where all relevant stakeholders are enabled to participate.

What we do

4C Entry-level Standard

The 4C Association (Common Code for the Coffee Community) sets, maintains and operates the 4C Code of Conduct, an entry-level standard that defines a global common baseline and starts all coffee supply chain actors on the path to the sustainable production, processing, and trade of coffee.

Cooperation with Other Standards

The 4C Association actively promotes and partners with sustainability standards and initiatives in the market to increase the supply and demand of verified and certified coffee.

Collaboration Platform

The 4C Association is an open and dynamic platform that invites members and partners from both public and private sectors to effectively work together non-competitively on overarching, critical issues that threaten the sustainability of the coffee sector.