4C Community Voices is about the faces and stories of the people in the 4C system. It is about the experiences and lessons learned through 4C Membership and about the 4C Units that daily implement the 4C Code of Conduct. 

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The 4C Association has also published a few comprehensive 4C Unit Portraits describing in detail the activities of the producing groups. Go to the Resource Center to read our Unit Portraits.

Nestlé Indonesia II

The 4C Association visits the 4C Unit Nestlé Indonesia II and learns about some of their sustainability practices.

NedCoffee Indonesia

Rusmana Kartono, Sustainability Coordinator at the 4C Unit Nedcoffee Indonesia, talks about their journey towards sustainability.

Armajaro Brazil

André Siqueira, Trader Development & Sustainability at Armajaro Brazil, talks about the company's sustainability programs.

Nestlé India

4C Voices talked to Naveen Kumar-P from Nestlé India about health and safety  for coffee farmers and workers.

Kyagalanyi 4C Units

4C Voices talked to staff members at the Nakanyonyi and Mt. Elgon 4C Units in Uganda to find out about their work and the challenges they encounter.


Interview with Dr. Keith Tyrell, Director of Pesticides Action Network (PAN) UK, about the challenges posed by the use of pesticides in coffee production.

Guaxupé, Brazil

Interview with Flavia Barbosa, Coffee Trader, and Engineer Joao Paulo Custodio de Brito, Sustainability Manager, from Exportadora Guaxupé in Brazil.

Strauss Commodities

Peter Baumann, Senior Coffee Buyer at Strauss, speaks about his company’s operations, its engagement with the 4C Association and its CSR plans.

Rwacof 4C Unit, Rwanda

Jean Ndushabandi talks about Rwacof’s efforts to continously improve its sustainability performance and to support its business partners in this journey.

Cooxupé Cooperative, Brazil

Alexandre Vieira Costa Monteiro, 4C Program Manager at Cooxupé Cooperative, talks about his experience in implementing the 4C standard.

CISA Exportadora, 4C Unit, Nicaragua

Learn about the work of CISA Exportadora to help coffee farmers improve productivity and protect the natural environment around their farms.

Dakman, 4C Unit, Vietnam

DAKMAN’s membership in the 4C Association enabled farmers of the 4C Unit to start their journey towards sustainable coffee production.

FNC, 4C Member, Colombia

There are currently twelve 4C Units under the umbrella of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (FNC) representing over 35,000 farmers and workers.

Stepping up from 4C to SAN standards

132 coffee farmers step up from the 4C baseline standard to SAN Standards of the Rainforest Alliance in the framework of a pilot project in El Salvador.

4C Members commit to sustainable sourcing

An increasing number of companies are committing to sustainable coffee sourcing. Learn about the sustainability plans of some 4C industry members.

4C Working Group on Pesticides

The Working Group on Pesticides collects information and provides coffee farmers with guidance on how to tackle pesticide use challenges efficiently.

Project to Redesign coffee harvesting bags

The project aims at creating a safer, more productive work environment by reducing the risk of back and shoulder injuries among coffee harvesters.

Sustainable Solutions for South Sumatra

The project, funded by Kraft Foods, aims to increase sustainability of coffee production in West Lampung, South Sumatra, while also improving productivity.