What is the 4C Association?

The 4C Association is the platform that brings together stakeholders in the coffee sector to address sustainability issues in a pre-competitive manner.

To date, over 320 members have already joined the 4C platform, including:

  • coffee farmer organizations;
  • traders (importers and exporters);
  • industry (coffee roasters and retailers); and
  • civil society organizations.

This global community works together to improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of those who make their living from coffee.



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4C Compliant Coffee meets baseline sustainability principles.
Compliance is checked by independent external verifiers. 
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Over 310 members from all over the world have already joined the 4C Association and are working together to advance sustainability in the coffee sector.  Meet our members.

Latest News

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4C Voices

Meet the people who make up the membership of the 4C Association! This month we talked to Andr√© Siqueira, Trader Development & Sustainability at Armajaro Brazil, about the sustainability programs of the company.

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